Sports betting is coming back to life


The pandemic that struck the world is finally calming down. Life is getting back to normal and with that sporting events are starting. We will finally have some things else to bet on beside betting on Esports. Football fans across the world were very excited when Bundesliga kicked off two weeks ago. It’s expected that the rest of the major European leagues will kick off during June.

Overview of what is coming in the offer to your favorite bookies


You already know that Bundesliga is underway and everyone who loves sports betting couldn’t wait for kick-off. La Liga is back next weekend. Premiership is back on June 17th and Serie A is back on track in 14 days.
So withing two weeks period all of our favorite leagues are back. We can be pretty sure that football in Italy and Spain won’t be the same. These countries were hit heavily with the COVID-19 virus.

This should be taken into consideration before bet placing. Players will probably be motivated more than usual even though stadiums will be empty. Bottom line, be careful with the bets that you place…we are predicting a lot of upsets in the first few weeks.


After All England Club canceled Wimbledon on the 1st of April ( first time after World War II ) and more or less whole grass season, people were wondering what will happen with Tennis season in 2020. When Grand Slam tournaments are in question, all hopes are in US Open. This one is still not canceled, but it’s 100% sure that it will be held. Chances are pretty big though that if it is to be played, it will be played on courts of Indian Wells instead of Flushing Meadows.

Until August and the final decision about the US open, we can place our bets on Davis Cup in July and Rogers Cup in Washington at the beginning of August. If it doesn’t get canceled as well.

So unlike football, professional, top-level tennis doesn’t look like an option for sports betting. any time soon.


Rugby and rugby betting is very popular in the UK. Rugby Union in the UK is projecting huge losses because of this ( estimate is 50 million £ ). The reason for this is of course…COVID-19. Medical guidelines are strict and people are not allowed to gather in big crowds.

On top of that, there is still no fixed date for when will Rugby return to the UK. Clubs are allowed to train for now as long as they are following all the medical guidelines. Premiership rugby is aiming to resume on August 15th, but that is yet to become official.

With that being said we will have to wait with rugby betting for some time as well.

Is sports betting coming back to life?

Bottom line is, it does.

Football is at the frontline. All the major leagues are starting within two weeks so plenty to bet on. Tennis has been heavily crippled with COVID-19 and season is practically lost, but we are looking forward to the US Open.
UK players that are waiting for the resume of Rugby season will have to be patient for a month or so before Premier League begins again.

The global crisis struck us unexpectedly and left a huge mark on society in general. Sport is included in this, but we hope that the second wave of COVID-19 that experts are warning us about won’t happen.
We are looking forward to resuming all the big sports events so that we can enjoy events that we are used to and that were part of our lives before.

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