Real Money Android Casino and Google Play Store


Have you ever wondered why there are no real money android casino applications in play store on your mobile device? I guess you did. The answer is pretty simple and it’s pretty much the same as it is for any other issue that the gambling industry stumbles across. Restrictions and regulations! Fortunately, there is something that is called .apk file and we will talk about it in this article.

Google regulations for real money android casinos

Currently, regulations are very, very strict! And that is an understatement. Play store is, as you know, Google’s platform for Android applications. This means that if you want to distribute your real money android casino application on the play store, you have to do it with the consent from google.

Until recently, Google was very strict regarding this. Any type of application where you could gamble for real money was prohibited. That is the main reason why you are seeing so many .apk files. So it’s working like this. You go to the website of your favorite online casino. You click on the mobile version of the casino. It’s somewhere in the menu of the casino usually. And small .apk file will be downloaded onto your mobile phone. Once you install it you have real money android casino application on your mobile phone!

Some time ago, Google loosened up on this policy a bit and allowed those kinds of applications in the play store. But, only when the operator complies with several important conditions. Some of the conditions are that the operator has to hold a valid gambling license and effective restriction for minors has to be in place. This is allowed only in France, UK, and Ireland. If things go well, we can expect Google to allow real money android casino applications in the rest of the world as well!


Online Casino in your mobile browser

An alternative to the application is of course usage of your browser. Each and every one of the casinos that we are offering on our site is utilizing HTML5 which means that you can enjoy these casinos in your browser on your mobile device. This also comes in handy when you lack space on your mobile phone. So in case, if you don’t see an option to download an application and it’s not mentioned anywhere, fret not!

Just open a casino in your browser and enjoy real money android casino on your mobile device! Keep in mind that playing in a mobile browser and your desktop browser is completely the same. Live dealers are there, table games are there and it’s all coming in HD resolution. Some of you I am sure are having better screens on your phone than on your desktop PC because of technological advancement. With all the bonuses that some casinos are giving you for mobile playing, there is nothing to hold you back. Give mobile gaming a go!