Why online casinos aren’t registered in the UK?


If you were looked up one of the online casinos where you are playing, you probably saw that they are registered in Malta, Gibraltar, Cyprus, or some other foreign country. The answer is pretty simple.

Legal security, taxes, a good base of people that speak English, and decent internet coverage ( you got to have decent support ).

Legal security

In a bunch of countries such as Curacao, Malta, Gibraltar, etc. gambling is completely legal. This is perfect for online casinos. They can operate without any fear that someone can press charges against them. On top of that, they can get a license to operate in countries such as the UK. For example, Maltese license is on a “whitelist” with the UK gambling commission! So, if online casino possesses Maltese license it can offer it’s services to British players.

In order to get an online gambling license from Malta or let’s say Gibraltar online casino needs to fill a bunch of requirements. Some of them are financial solvency, steady business plan, protection of player’s data and information, and so on.

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Tax percentages in the countries that are issuing online gambling licenses and countries where the majority of the renowned online casinos are registered are very small to none. Curacao for example has zero percent tax on profits made by an online casino. Pretty wild, right?! Imagine a business where you are making millions per month and you only have to pay “peanuts” in taxes. You wouldn’t register your job there? Of course you would!

English speakers and good IT infrastructure

When it comes to this a lot of best online casinos are preferring Malta, Gibraltar, or let’s say Cyprus. You will see Isle of Man or Curacao as well, but far less than European countries. Simply because European countries will most likely have a better internet connection and more people that are having at least a B2 certificate in English. These two factors are a must if you are looking to provide decent support for your players!

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In conclusion, when you put all of the above together you can be sure of one thing. From the economic point of view, it’s only logical for online casinos in the UK to register their business abroad. Why would anyone pay more when there is a perfectly legal way to pay less! Lower taxes and the general cost of maintaining a business over there instead of the UK are creating a fairly easy decision for anyone who is looking to register an online casino. On top of that, they can still conduct their business completely legally in the UK and the majority of the EU.

Best online casinos in the world are possessing licenses that are issued by the UK gambling commission as well. The reason for that is because people are more trustworthy towards a casino that is operating under such a strong governing body. But trust us that casinos that are operating under Maltese or Gibraltar licenses are just as trustworthy.

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