New Directives From Gambling Commission Regarding Online Slots

The Gambling Commission is applying more and more pressure on operators in the UK. These new directives regarding Online Slots will not kick in until October 31st. Evidence shows that these new measures should lower losses that players are experiencing. Here’s what those measures are and how will they affect Online Slots.

Directives From Gambling Commission Should Reduce Harm That Online Slots are Causing to the UK Players. One of the first new directives from the Gambling Commission should keep players safe from huge losses that can happen in a short span of time. Gambling Operators must slow down slot games to a maximum speed of 2.5 seconds for one spin. Some Online Casinos like Winmonaco are already using this practice.

Other directives regarding online slots are all about the sound and light effects. There were some studies that proved that a lot of current effects used in slot games make you feel that you winning when you are actually losing.

All of this is coming simply because huge concerns started to boil up after losses that were amassed during the pandemic crisis. One of the biggest changes that are coming with these new directives regarding online slots is that the “auto-play” option will become a thing of the past and once you want to withdraw your winnings, you won’t be able to wager them again! This is a huge change in the online gambling industry.

On top of all this, Gambling Operators will have to show you your total winnings and losses along with the time played during your online gambling sessions. I would like to point out once more that these changes will come into effect from October 31st.

Online Slots are a crown jewel in the online gambling industry. Yearly profit from them is by far the biggest one for the operators. Researches that were conducted are showing that online slots are also most addictive when it comes to online gambling.

UKGC CEO Neil McArthur is hoping that these new Directives for Online Slots will stop rapid play and big losses will stop players feeling like they are in control of the final outcome. I am pretty sure that UKGC won’t stop here. UK minister of Sports added that they will constantly review gambling laws so that they fit the digital age.

For the time being, online slots will remain a focus for ministry and UKGC. Simply because they are by far the most harmful for players. Whether these changes are good or bad is something that I’ll leave for you to decide. In the end, it’s all up to a player to decide when he should stop. We will always continue to promote safe gambling! So remember, gamble responsibly! If you ever feel like you are losing control, let us know and we will point you in the right direction. Also, if things got out of hand, reach out to if you are in the UK. If you are located in Australia, reach out to