Can you make a living with gambling?


We are sure that many of you asked themselves this question. The answer is yes. You can make a living with gambling, a pretty decent one! You just need to find a casino game that suits you and you need a lot of patience.

We are bringing you a few simple rules to follow in the beginning:

  1. Research and learn
  2. Play with high stakes. That is the only way to become a high roller
  3. Know your limits

Research and learn

Like we already wrote in one of our articles where we gave you tips for playing slots. You need to understand the rules, payouts, scatters, and everything else that comes with online gambling. If you think that you will register an account, deposit some money and get rich…well, you got another thing coming unless you are born under a lucky star!

Research and learn the game that you are playing as much as possible. If you are playing slots be sure that you know how the game works and is it a volatile slot game or not. Learn how much scatters you need and what are you getting for them and learn what you need to do when a bonus is triggered. Some bonus games and free spins are more rewarding than others.

If you are playing online poker make sure that you have enough experience to play games with a live dealer. Playing poker games on your mobile phone or social networks doesn’t make you an expert so don’t play poker unless you played with real people for real money. Poker requires a lot of practice, observation, patience, and in the end, you need to know how to keep up with the game and cards that are coming out so that you can count the odds that the card that you need will come up for you.

The online roulette, bingo, lotteries, and games like that are more luck based and there isn’t much you can do to increase your chances of winning big. Stick with the slots and poker!

Play with high stakes

Maybe you don’t want to hear this but in order to score a big win, you need to bet big. It’s a harsh truth. There is a slight chance that you will win a jackpot or hit 5 strongest symbols in a slot game with a low bet, but that chance is so slim that you are better to play euro jackpot for the rest of your life.

All of my big wins came when bets were pretty big. In other words, you have to be ready to invest some money for a big return, but it goes like that for everything in life, right?

Volatility comes in once again here if we are talking about online slot games. If you plan to live by playing poker you will have to amass a lot of experience ( Volatility has nothing to do with the poker ). Poker is no exception either. You will have to play at the tables with a big buy in’s eventually.


Know your limits

This is very important to remember. Know your limits. Plain and simple. If at any time you feel like you are losing control and you start to chase your losses just control yourself and stop. Remember that tomorrow is a new day and just think about online gambling as your job. You have bad days and you have good ones!

Play day to day. If you win 100 euros one day, don’t try to make it into 100 euros that same day. No need to overpush it. If you play smart, you can easily make a living through a month! You simply have to know when to draw a line and retire for the day. Everyone who has ever been in the gambling industry knows how easy it is to make thousands and then to lose them in the next ten minutes. You are bound to experience that at least once, but learn from that and be more cunning next time. Self-control is the key!

Bottom line is…you can make a living with gambling. You need to be patient, improve yourself on a daily basis and be ready to invest. Just like in any other job, is it not?

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