Future of online betting

Virus outbreak that hit the world this spring took a heavy toll on everyone. It showed all of us how actually fragile we are and that we need to wake up.

Bunch of activities that we were looking forward to got postponed or even completely cancelled. Football Euro 2020 got postponed for a whole year. Olympic games 2020 as well! For every sports fan, this was a hard pill to swallow. Everyone who is into betting was more or less forced to bet online because all the physical bookies were closed. All old school betters had to do some heavy research before they placed their bets. The reason was quite simple. There were very few to no sports to place a bet on.

You either had to know what are you doing in esports betting or you had to bet on some very shady table tennis matches. So here is what we think that we can expect in the future for online betting.

Esports betting

We already wrote about Esports betting in one of our previous articles. Esports are future in general whether we like it or not. Of course, it will never push out old fashioned sports, especially in Europe, but it is definitely taking part in the cake already. Esports matches have been around for some time when it comes to betting. Especially in Asia, but during the pandemic, betting one them was more popular than ever!

Betting on worldwide events

We in Europe already know that every year we get a chance to predict the winner of the Eurosong. On top of that online bookies are offering us a chance where we can bet on who the next president of some of the leading countries will be or who will be the next pope. Of course, if we are ever again struck with a pandemic like we had this spring, a bunch of these events will be canceled, but it’s definitely something to consider when the future of betting comes in question.

Sports that are not mainstream

When you open up the offer from your favourite online bookies you are used to seeing darts, snooker, cricket, and so on. But what when you see Arm wrestling, WWE ( which we all know is 100% fake ), cheese rolling (a unique event hosted in Gloucester in England ), or even Quidditch! Yes, all of these are in offer from time to time. It’s only normal that we will see more and more of these weird “sports” because just like everything else online betting is evolving as well!


As new generations are coming everything has to change sooner or later. It’s the same with online betting. Don’t get us wrong, orthodox sports like football and rugby will always be on top, especially in the UK. But, as time passes you can be pretty sure that we will be able to make bets on almost anything around us!

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