Cleopatra Slot Game

Everyone played Book of Ra, Legacy of Egypt, Pharaoh’s fortune, and other renowned Egypt themed slots. But did you play Cleopatra Slot Game which is 18+? You are probably hearing about this slot for the first time. So let’s check out this comedic online slot which comes from Mr.Slotty!

Interface of Cleopatra 18+, notice sex positions on the pillars

Are you asking yourself why 18+? Isn’t gambling for adults anyway? Well, this slot is themed around a busty cartoonish Egyptian queen. The first thing that you will notice once the slot is loaded is that Cleopatra is looking seductive. Or at least she is trying to look seductive! With her big breasts, cat eyes, and dress that has a cut all the way to the thigh! Besides that, you will notice sex positions drawn in hieroglyphic style in the background. People on the hieroglyphs are dresses, but it’s still funny. All of this is making the whole experience quite comedic, and that was the point when Mr.Slotty created Cleopatra 18+.

Cleopatra slot game

Features, Paylines and Rewards
The slot is classic 5 reels, 3 rows game with 25 paylines. The symbol of the Egyptian empress is considered a wild symbol and the symbol of a cat that you can see on the right side of the image above is the free spins symbol. Land 3,4 or 5 of these to activate 1,3, or 10 free spins respectively!

There is a total of 8 symbols if we don’t count the black cat one. Symbols are pretty much the same as they are in other Egyptian-themed slots. You have your golden ankh, head of Anubis, head of Ra, and so on.

Besides free spins triggered by black cat, there are no other bonus features or jackpots which is once again showing us that this game is made purely to have fun with it. Don’t get us wrong though, you can still score some big mullah on this slot if you are lucky enough! If you don’t know where to play this fun slot game. We suggest Winmonaco Casino, they are currently having one hell of a welcome bonus and plenty of slots to choose from. Good luck and don’t get seduced by the Egyptian Queen!

As you can expect from the majority of slot games, the volatility is fairly high.