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We are all mobile in today’s world. Mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets, iPod’s and such are part of our daily routines. That is pretty normal if we consider how busy schedules we all have. Some of us are running from a meeting to a meeting. Some of us are running errands the whole day. Majority of the time between is spent on these mobile devices. So, if you are looking for a good Android Casino to kill some time with, look no further!

We will discuss some key aspects of what is making a casino a good Android casino and we will give you access to some nice online casino bonuses for a few of those Android casinos! So let’s get started!

Layout and User Interface of an Android Casino

What we see is always the first thing that draws our attention. That is why it is important that an online casino has an intuitive layout and interface with some of the so-called “eye-candy” graphics. It’s completely understandable that you are reluctant to play at a casino that has an interface where icons are too small or a slot grid that doesn’t fit the screen well.

Trust us when we say that over the years we had a chance to try out hundreds of mobile casinos. Some of them were better than desktop versions and some of them were completely horrible. There were also combinations where the desktop version was flawless and we really like that casino, but mobile version…oh, the horror! So if a casino has a good desktop version, it doesn’t necessarily mean that mobile versions are also good.

Stability and speed of an Android casino

Another thing that is very important in an Android Casino is the stability and connectivity speed. You don’t want your game to crash in the middle of the free spins. You have no idea how many times that happened to us. Too many! Stability is the key factor for us when we are choosing the Android casino to play in.

Slot responsiveness is also a major factor when we are talking about good Android casinos. Your router can be connected with optic fiber and you will still have issues with slow spins and it will take ages to make a deposit. There is nothing you can do about that. It’s just a sign of a badly executed mobile casino.

Slot games in offer

Don’t be surprised when you open the mobile edition of your favorite casino and you don’t see some of the slots in there. That is actually pretty common. Some slot games are simply not optimized enough to run on a mobile device. For that reason, some of the top online casinos decide to remove them completely from their mobile editions. It’s better to remove them completely than to have games that are executing poorly. Reputation is everything in the online gambling business!

Bonuses for playing on a mobile device

Now, this is pretty interesting! Lately we sad that a bunch of casinos offer hefty bonuses if you download their application. This is a nice way of marketing and promoting. Downloading and setup of sports betting and casino applications takes a minute or two and you get a nice bonus for it! Some brands will give you free spins and some will give you bonus money on your deposits. It’s a win-win situation for both sides!

Andoird Casinos that we suggest

TrueFortune Casino – this casino does not have a mobile application for Android or iOS, but, it can be played in a browser on your mobile phone or tablet. They have the same game selection on desktop and mobile versions. We experienced no crashing while we were testing this casino and the current bonus is awesome regardless of which version you play!

Spinamba Casino – Huge selection of slots, mobile application, and awesome bonuses all the time! What else do you need? Spinamba casino has it all. At least 5 or 6 promotions are active all the time and mobile application is on par with some of the best online gambling applications out there. One of the current promotions is no deposit bonus when you install a mobile application!

Slottica Casino – Slottica is a pretty known casino to more or less any player out there. That is simply because they have a really nice reputation that they built. That reputation didn’t come all by itself. Casino itself is known for its great selection of slot games, table games, and even sports betting is available. Slottica also has a mobile application developed. The application itself is really top of the line and as an added bonus you will get no deposit gift once you install the application!

We are hoping that this article will help you in the selection of Android casino that best suits your needs for entertainment. Hopefully, those long waits in the waiting room, and long lines will be a bit less tedious now. Good luck!

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