News 01-07-2020

Online casino software companies – Red Tiger

You are playing at your favourite online casinos every day. You encountered hundreds of different slot games throughout your career. Most likely you saw a bunch of different company names on loading screens. Those are the names of online casino software companies. Companies that are making all these wonderful slots to play. During the course […]

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News 29-06-2020

Biggest football gamblers in the UK

England, the place where football was born. For over two centuries the UK was producing top footballers and coaches. Some of the biggest brands in football are playing in Premiership. Some of the biggest football gamblers as well. Football is a national sport number one in the UK, England especially. It’s not just a sport, […]

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News 20-06-2020

Transfer rumours after a restart of football season

Football is back! All around the world fans of the “most important thing” in the world are finally back in the saddle. And with this, transfer rumours are back as well. With all five major football leagues underway, we can finally enjoy some quality football after a long time. Don’t get me wrong, Belarussian football […]

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News 17-06-2020

Future of online betting

Virus outbreak that hit the world this spring took a heavy toll on everyone. It showed all of us how actually fragile we are and that we need to wake up. Bunch of activities that we were looking forward to got postponed or even completely cancelled. Football Euro 2020 got postponed for a whole year. […]

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News 10-06-2020

Basic rules and terms of blackjack

Blackjack. A casino table game that has the reputation of the game that it is possible to beat. The popular movie “Rain man” probably has something to do with that. Well, you don’t have to be a mathematical genius to beat the dealer. You just need a lot of patience, persistence, and concentration.Here are some […]

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News 01-05-2020

What is Volatility in Slot games?

You probably already saw Volatility scales or icons on slot games in some casinos. Something like this And you most likely wondered “What is Volatility in Slots games?” We are here to answer that for you and to help to choose when to play high volatility games and when to play low volatility games. Definition […]

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News 26-04-2020

What you need to know about Esports betting

Esports is quite popular for some time. Recently, it became popular in the betting world as well and this doesn’t come as a surprise given the current situation. So here is what you need to know about Esports betting. Most popular games in Esports betting and best teams At the time of writing of this […]

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