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The Best Nootropic Supplements
Improve Focus, Memory & Energy

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Last updated: July 6, 2021

By the time 2020 comes along, we Americans are projected to spend around $10 billion a year on nootropics. A staggering figure isn't it?

These natural medicines help you focus and perform with more efficiency in day to day life situations. Despite their popularity, these are still a mystery to some.

So today, we are going to tell you a little about these wonderful supplements, how they work, and which may be the best for you.

So let’s begin by taking a look at what we consider to be the top nootropic supplements out there.

Our Top Nootropic Supplements (2021)

1 - Mind Lab Pro (Editor's Choice)

Mind Lab thumb

While many supplements these days are based on individual ingredients that may have gone through some testing to prove they actually work, Mind Lab Pro has taken that one step further.

According to the research conducted by the company in placebo based clinical trials, they were able to show an improvement in memory, learning, and brain regeneration.

This is all based on scientifically chosen ingredients that are natural and suitable for vegans.

Basically, there’s nothing in the lines of fillers or stimulants, and the online reviews pretty much confirm that as well.

  • Made from high-quality ingredients with no proprietary blend
  • Effectively boosts short and long term memory
  • Improves creativity and abstract thinking
  • Only available on the company website

If you’re looking for a nootropic with a good track record, then Mind Lab Pro is something you should try.

2 - NooCube


This is not just a cool name with an even cooler logo, but a nootropic that a lot of users are leaving positive reviews in the Facebook groups and forums I researched. One of the most common highlights in reviews is that it works very well to improve concentration.

And it does so very quickly, indeed. A lot of people say that they notice the effects within about 30 minutes of taking the supplement, which is pretty effective.

I was also very surprised by the 50% discount that is available if you order 6 bottles in one go. That’s basically 6 for the price of 3 bottles.

  • Enhances cognitive function
  • Improves focus and concentration
  • Boosts memory and learning
  • Not vegan certified

The only downside I could find is that it isn’t vegan-friendly, so keep that in mind if you’re looking for a plant-based product.

3 - Adrafinil by Double Wood


Adrafinil is a non-nonsense nootropic that makes claims to be one of the most powerful on the market without prescription.

That being said there are plenty of user reviews that support the claim. The easy to swallow capsule contains 300 mg of Adrafinil and it is recommended to be taken on an empty stomach in the morning.

By no means a magic pill, Adrafinil is not going to give you superpowers but lots of customers claim to experience a sharp reduction in fatigue both mental and physical as well as an increase in mental acuity.

  • Enhances cognitive function
  • Improves focus and concentration
  • Boosts memory and learning
  • Capsule made from gelatin so not veggie or vegan friendly

Although it should be noted that many claim they have to double dose to 600mg to get the most out of the nootropic, which is obviously not recommended or endorsed officially.

4 - TruBrain

TruBrain thumb

What attracted me to the TruBrain product is the very convenient liquid form that comes in small pouches. Unlike pills or capsules, this can speed up the absorption process, according to the makers.

The chosen ingredients are simple with nothing flashy added in just to improve the flavor. And there are countless positive reviews that highlight that it works fast to improve concentration and memory.

It also contains some added vitamin C and magnesium, and you can choose it with or without caffeine stimulation.

No doubt that podcast host Joe Rogan loves this product.

  • Boosts brain function and mental output
  • Choose from 2 variants: with or without caffeine
  • Good source of vitamin C
  • Not the cheapest option on a daily basis

It’s not the cheapest option when you work it out on a per day basis, but if you’re looking for convenience, then this is a good choice to make.

5 - Host Defense Lion's Mane

Host Defense Lions Mane

The mushrooms contained in these capsules are actually grown on the Host Defense farm and are picked fresh. These are shipped to the production facility within a very short period of time.

Completely organic and 100% sustainable, only the best of the crop make it into these nootropic supplements.

Being both gluten-free and vegan-friendly, these capsules are suitable for everyone who wants to promote their mental focus, clarity, and memory.

You can watch this video below to know why famous podcast host Joe Rogan is impressed with Lion's Mane Mushroom.

  • Made from certified organic ingredients
  • Enhances cognitive functions for better focus, mental clarity, and memory
  • Improves the brain's nerve growth factor for better mental health
  • Supports cerebral and nervous systems
  • May cause a slight itchiness in a very small number of people

These smart little capsules can also help to boost your nervous and immune systems so that both your body and mind are in tip-top shape.

6 - Optimum Nutrition Creatine Powder

Optimum Nutrition thumb

This creatine monohydrate powder supports muscle strength, size, and power when used as part of your post workout shake.

Creatine is a fantastic compound that helps transport muscle building nutrients to your body tissue by way of fluids. One teaspoon a day is sufficient to promote muscle gain and power successfully.

This is without doubt one of the best nootropics for enhancing performance in high-intensity exercise situations and not only that; it is also the perfect post-workout recovery aid as well.

  • Low Dosage, Great Results
  • Increases Performance
  • Heightens Energy Levels
  • Enhance Energy Reserves In Muscles While Minimizing Protein Breakdown
  • No Side Effects
  • No Flavoring So Can Taste A Bit Bland
  • No Scoop Included

This powder is one of the most popular supplements around.

7 - Jarrow Formulas Theanine


Containing the relaxant theanine which is abundant in green tea, this is one of the best brain supplements for helping you to relax and unwind.

By working on the dopamine and serotonin neurotransmitters in your brain, these capsules will help you to achieve a state of calmness that will allow the worries of the day to float away leaving you feeling serene and stress-free.

Best of all, this top nootropic does this without making you drowsy, so you can enjoy your tranquil mood without the fear of nodding off.

This also means that you can put your great mood to use in whichever way you choose.

  • Relieves Stress
  • Does Not May You Drowsy
  • Promotes Learning Abilities
  • Not The Most Pleasant Taste
  • May Not Be Suitable If You Take Blood Pressure Meds. Always Check With Your Physician Before Taking.

Many people have found that by relieving the mind of stress and transforming it into a relaxed state, this creates the perfect mental environment for learning, so these capsules may come in extremely useful if you are studying.

8 - New Chapter Rhodiola Force

New Chapter

This is a 100% natural herbal stress relief drug designed to help you focus. This capsule supports your all-round health including your mood and stamina.

This will also aid sleep and assist you in dealing with fatigue. This nootropic has been specifically formulated to work when you are under conditions of sleeplessness and overexertion.

This is the perfect way to boost your day from the moment you get up. 300mg of this compound is entirely derived from the whole Rhodiola Rosea root from Siberia.

  • 100% Herbal
  • Works All Day Long
  • Will Help You Sleep
  • Reduces Anxiety
  • Can Cause Headaches In A Very Small Amount Of People.

It will combine with your body to create a natural uplift, so you have both the mental and physical capacity to take on whatever the day throws at you.

9 - Himalaya Organic Bacopa Monnieri


Another extremely popular brain supplement among fans of natural nootropics is Himalaya Organic Bacopa Monnieri, this capsule supports memory and learning as well as sharpening cognitive thought generally.

The compound within the capsules is 100% organic, NON-GMO, gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians.

Himalaya Organic Bacopa offers antioxidant support to the brain and encourages stress relief and relaxation, leaving you calm and able to freely to deal with the problems at hand.

  • Perfect For Stress And Anxiety Relief
  • Easy To Take
  • Gluten Free And Vegan-Friendly
  • My cause Mild Flatulence For A Small Number Of People

Himalaya Organic Bacopa offers antioxidant support to the brain and encourages stress relief and relaxation, leaving you calm and able to freely to deal with the problems at hand.

What Are Nootropics?

human nervous system

When translated from its Greek origin the name nootropic translates to ‘mind changer’ which is a very fitting description as to what these supplements can do. (1)

Nootropics are compounds that protect the neurons in your brain from being damaged by noxious substances and helps safeguard those same neurons from the effects of decline as we grow older.

At the same time, they are known to stimulate neurons and improve blood and oxygen flow to your brain.

This helps improve thinking and prevents the mind from wandering off from the job at hand.

If taken regularly the supplement will result in you having a smarter, healthier mind and this will lead to your being able to concentrate on and deal with anything that comes your way in life be it at home or work.

You can think of nootropic supplements as a personal trainer for the mind.

Do Nootropic Supplements Work?


There is some debate as to whether supplements actually do what they claim and if there is a best brain supplement at all.

Nootropics can be synthetic like adderall or natural like those featured in the top 5 nootropic supplement list above.

In all cases, people have reported success in large numbers, so there does have to be some truth behind the various claims.

The company behind the Organic Bacopa Monnieri, Himalaya, performed a study where their product hugely outperformed the group who were given fake tablets when healthy people were asked to remember words and sentences in word span, working memory, and logical memory tests.

Also encouragingly, there were no adverse side effects.

What Are The Best Natural Nootropics?

coffee beans

There are a large number of natural Nootropics, some are formulated and packaged, and others occur as compounds we meet in our everyday lives.

  • Caffeine, for instance, is present in coffee obviously as well as tea, some power drinks and sodas and a good number of other consumable products. If you need a clear and wide awake head, we reach straight for the Java and this is because caffeine is a nootropic and can keep us alert and focused just like those supplements.
  • L-Theanine is an amino acid primarily found in plants and fungi and is especially adept at being absorbed by the body quickly and crossing the blood-brain barrier intact meaning it can have a direct and marked impact on physical and specifically mental health in the form of a stress reliever and anti-anxiety agent. (2)
  • Rhodiola, as used in the New Chapter product in our top 5 Nootropic Supplement list above, has been used in Asia for medicinal purpose for hundreds, if not thousands, of years and targets mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression. It’s thought its widespread use stems from Siberia where it was used as a tonic against the symptoms the severe cold and bleakness that those who live in that region can have to endure.
  • Bacopa Monnieri is the best Nootropic for mood enhancement, however, it has been used in traditional Asian medicine for millennia and as mentioned earlier, has proven benefits when it comes to focusing the mind and sharpening up our thinking and problem-solving skills. (3)
  • Lion’s Mane is one of the best Nootropics and is known to have many health benefits above and beyond those listed earlier. As well as helping to relieve mild experiences of anxiety and depression it is thought to be capable of protecting us from dementia. It can accelerate the nervous systems healing process, help with digestion problems and diabetes, it also possesses the ability to reduce the risk of heart disease and studies are underway to discover if it can help treat cancer.
  • GABA or gamma-Aminobutyric acid is widely regarded as the best natural treatment for anxiety and depression and is one of the most clinically researched natural drugs. As well as mental health it is thought to have properties that can affect growth hormones, energy production, and even sleep and reproductive issues.
  • Ginseng - most of you will have heard of this. It’s a plant from Asia that is mentioned as a medicinal tool in documents dating back to 196AD. This natural Nootropic can be used to treat a multitude of conditions including fatigue and memory loss and even menopause problems.
  • Creatine, as we have seen earlier is basically a booster and will help you work out and bulk up.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid in Nootropic supplement form which can protect the body’s cells, in the case of brain cells this will preserve and possibly enhance memory and cognitive functions.
  • Alpha GPC, perhaps the best supplement for preserving and increasing the power of your memory, as well as boosting your brains recollective cells, this brain supplement has shown promise in treating Alzheimer's and other dementia diseases.

What Are The Potential Side Effects?

man with insomnia

We all react in different ways to medication, be they natural or lab-based and despite the fact that all manufacturers of treatments rigorously test their products and try to minimize side-effects they cannot always be avoided.

Thankfully when it comes to natural remedies these by-products usually only appear in a very mild form.

Three potential negative results from taking some of the Nootropics in the top 5 Nootropic List seen earlier are:

  • Brain Fog. Which really means you experience very short periods of a sensation of confusion and disorientation that can result in anxiety and fear. This usually passes quite quickly and occurs less frequently as time goes on.
  • Insomnia. As the Nootropic you chose can interrupt the body’s regular cycle you might at first find it difficult to get to, and remain, asleep. Again, in time this problem will pass, but many people find Yoga and basically napping when you can, regardless of the time of day – if convenient obviously – a temporary stop gap.
  • Digestive Discomfort. As with the other side effects, this will pass soon and usually takes the form of wind, stomach twinges, and rumblings. The problem will be very mild and again, will not last long and pose little discomfort or disturbance.

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What is the most effective nootropic?

Caffeine is one of the most effective nootropics, closely followed by l-theanine. We all know the stimulating effect that caffeine has with quite a fast action to wake us up in the morning.

L-theanine, on the other hand, is proven to promote so-called alpha brain waves which are associated with a relaxed and creative state of mind.

Is there a pill to make you smarter?

Yes, there is a pill to make you smarter, and you don’t have to turn to prescription medication for this. Nootropic supplement pills are generally based on a handful of different ingredients, which in combination work to improve memory, creativity, and concentration.

Can nootropics cause anxiety?

No, generally speaking, nootropics will not cause anxiety. If you have existing mental health issues, then some of the ingredients, especially stimulants, can cause an increase in anxiety levels.

Should you have such concerns, then speak with your doctor before choosing a product to take.

What is the strongest nootropic?

The strongest nootropic, aside from prescription medication, is caffeine. Its effects are very clear to anyone who cannot function without that morning coffee, and it works within minutes of taking it.

Which Nootropic Supplement Should You Choose?

Based on all the research, conversations with nutritionists, and my personal experience, I have to say the Mind Lab Pro is the product I would recommend. Going the extra mile to clinically trial the product in a blind placebo test is the first convincing factor.

But the reviews and my own experience on memory function and concentration are very positive. I regularly take these pills when I know I have some brain rather than gym work to do, and you should definitely give it a try.

And let us know on the Facebook page how it worked for you.

Mind Lab thumb

Mind Lab Pro

Our #1 Recommendation

  • Made from high-quality ingredients with no proprietary blend
  • Effectively boosts short and long term memory
  • Improves creativity and abstract thinking
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of July
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