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The Best Free-Standing Pull-Up Bar
Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Last updated: May 10, 2021

Pull-ups are an effective bodyweight exercise, working your back, shoulders, arms, and core strength. It can be performed in the gym or in your own home.

The following guide will look to review some of the best free standing pull up bars of 2020, and how you can pick the best one.

The Best Free Standing Pull Up Bars

1 - KT Men's Pull Up Bar (Editor's Choice)

KT thumb

The KT Men’s Pull Up Bar is made using high strength alloy steel with a powder coating.

It is portable and can be folded up in just 8 seconds, so you can use it anywhere there’s space around your home.

It also features an adjustable height and width, with a maximum width of 48 inches and a height variation making it suitable for users between 4.92-6.56 feet.

Despite its portability, this bar is also strong with a maximum weight capacity of 350 kgs, making it one of the best reviewed pull ups stand. Unlike other poorer alternatives that suffer from wobble when in use, the product claims that it is able to reduce wobble by 92%. Whether you’re 50 or 350 kgs, this pull up bar is stable and safe to use.

The tools and hardware required for assembly are provided.

  • High strength alloy steel frame that holds 350 kgs
  • Portable and foldable design
  • Adjustable width and height
  • Reduction in wobble when in use
  • The paint on the bar may chip easily

2 - Stamina Power Tower

Stamina thumb

The Stamina Power Tower is a compact piece of equipment made from a steel frame construction that can support up to 250 pounds.

It is easy to assemble, offering you the opportunity to execute a wide variety of exercises using one of its many stations.

You can also perform exercises such as the pull-up and chin-up, and the other stations will enable you to complete dips, push-ups, and sit-ups.

The Stamina can be an all-in-one tower to target various muscle groups.

  • Compact and sturdy build
  • Has a 250-pound weight capacity
  • Different stations to execute a variety of bodyweight movements
  • There were reports that this free standing pull up bar was difficult to assemble

3 - Body Champ Multi Function Power Tower

Body Champ thumb

The Body Champ VKR1010 Fitness Multi Function Power Tower is a versatile power tower with 4 separate stations.

The Body Champ stations allow you to perform pull-ups, chin-ups, push-ups, and the tricep dip.

The padded backrest also enables you to execute core exercises such as leg raises. You can perform a variety of workouts to build muscles in different areas of your body.

Made with a sturdy frame, this tower is designed with an H-frame to provide enhanced stability.

This free standing pull up bar has soft non-slip grips to protect your hands while performing the bodyweight training, and protective feet to avoid damage to your floors. It’s a safe and stable pull up bar stand.

  • 4 separate stations to enable a range of bodyweight exercises can be performed
  • H-frame design to make this equipment more stable
  • Protective feet to protect your floors, while providing stability
  • User reviews state the backrest on this pull up bar stand is easily ripped

4 - BangTong&Li Power Tower

BangTongLi thumb

The BangTong&Li Power Tower, free standing pull up bar is a multi-station bar made from heavy-duty steel that has a weight capacity of 330 pounds.

As there are multiple stations, you can perform a wide range of exercises that will allow you to work multiple muscle groups. These include the tricep dip and leg and knee raises.

The top of the bar can be adjusted from 76.4 to 84.3 inches, while the grips are covered in high-density foam to prevent slipping using this fitness equipment.

  • Sturdy construction
  • Adjustable height for this power tower free standing pull up bar
  • High-density foam for improved grip
  • Customer reviews report poor incorrect welds that made assembly difficult

5 - Dporticus Pull Up Station

Dporticus thumb

The Dporticus Power Tower is a multi-station pull-up bar that allows you to perform workouts on various muscles while also working on your overall fitness.

Its frame can be assembled easily, with padded back and arm cushions for added comfort.

Once assembled and stable, you should be able to do bodyweight dips, pull-ups, chin-ups, and knee raises.

Check out the best at home dips bars.

Its weight capacity is 330 lbs with an adjustable height going from 61 to 78.7 inches at the top.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Padded back and arm cushions for extra comfort
  • The height on the tower can be adjusted
  • User reviews state that the instructions provided were not very helpful

6 - CAP Barbell Power Rack

CAP Barbell thumb

The CAP Barbell Power Rack is made using 11 and 12 gauge steel tubing with a weight capacity of 750 lbs on the pull-up bar.

With this capacity, you wouldn’t have to worry about it breaking down and being unsafe.

With adjustable safety catches to enable you to perform squats with a barbell and free weights, you can perform a full-body workout with this piece of equipment.

Not just focusing on your upper body like other free standing pull up bars. To provide exceptional stability, the pull-up bars have double gusseted uprights.

  • Incredibly high weight capacity on the bar
  • Safety catches allow you to perform squats safely
  • Product is incredibly stable
  • Height is not adjustable

7 - Livebest Heavy Duty Adjustable Power Tower

Livebest thumb

The LiveBest Heavy Duty Adjustable Power Tower is made using high-quality square tube steel that can hold as much as 600 pounds. It also offers 8 levels of adjustable height.

This free standing pull up bar has various stations and grips that support various upper body movements including the pull-up and chin-up.

It also has a dip station that features a padded backrest and armrest that will allow you to perform dips, as well as exercises that work your core such as vertical knee and leg raises. To keep the band stable while in use, it has non-slip rubber footpads.

You can also strenghten your core by using an ab roller.

  • Weight capacity of 600 pounds
  • Tower height is adjustable
  • Non-slip foot pads aid stability and keep the power tower in place during use
  • Difficult to assemble

8 - KARMAS Pull Up Bar

KARMAS thumb

The KARMAS Power Tower is a pull-up station and dip station, made from 2” thick square steel construction that can hold a weight of 330 pounds.

It has multiple stations for performing a number of different bodyweight movements that can work your back, chest, and arms, while also helping improve your overall fitness levels.

There are a backrest and armrests attached to the system for improved comfort, as well as anti-slip feet to improve stability and to keep the equipment from moving when in use. The height of this free standing pull up bar can be adjusted from 61-84.6 inches. This unit has all of the tools required for assembly with instructions.

  • Pull up station and dip station
  • Backrest and armrests for comfort
  • Tower height can be adjusted
  • There were several reports of missing assembly hardware

9 - Ainfox Pull Up Bar

Ainfox thumb

If you are looking for a pull ups bar you may want to look at the Ainfox Power Tower.

Made from an oblate reinforced steel frame, this product can hold a weight of 550 pounds. Free standing pull up bars like this are suitable for a range of movements to work the back and the various muscle groups of your arms.

There is a back cushion and arm cushions that provide comfort when performing your workout routine. As well as grips to prevent slipping when using this product.

  • Can hold a weight of 550 pounds
  • Pull-up bar and dip station available
  • Back cushion and armrests for comfort
  • Few reviews about missing hardware and difficult assembly

10 - Mosunx Pull Up Bar

Mosunx thumb

The final product on this list of the best free standing pull up bars is the Mosunx Power Tower. This power tower is made from thickened heavy-duty steel that has a weight capacity of 300 lbs.

There are multiple stations you can use on this product, each one designed to improve your fitness, power, and stamina. This product features stations to complete pull-ups, chin-ups, press-ups, and dips. These are covered with neoprene to improve grip when you workout.

The height of the product itself can be adjusted from 73 to 93 inches at the top. It also has skid-resistant feet to help keep the power tower free from any instability.

  • Weight capacity of users is 300 pounds
  • Different movements can be performed
  • Skid-resistant feet help keep the tower more stable
  • Not a popular brand

Choosing a Stand Alone Pull up Bar

man using pullup bar

Types Of Free Standing Pull Up Bar

There are typically four different types of free-standing pull-up bar:

  1. Foldable - These would be ideal for use in any home gym where space is at a premium. They can be assembled when needed and then easily packed away after use.
    The one issue with this type of free-standing pull up bar is that they are typically made from less sturdy materials, making them less suitable for the heavier person.
  2. Height adjustable pull up bars - As the height of the bar is adjustable, this type will suit a personal trainer who has to cater to the differing heights of their clients.
  3. Outdoor designs - Any pull up bar that is to be kept outside will need to be made from non-corrosive and weatherproof materials to avoid damage. Once assembled, they will likely have to stay that way. One additional benefit of this type of bar is that they may have additional extensions to allow you to workout in a variety of ways.
  4. Non-portable - This final option will be fixed in place and will be made from heavy materials. They will likely have plenty of extra attachments to enable you to complete a variety of additional movements, including the dip, push-up, and sit-ups for example.

What To Look For in A Free-Standing Pull-Up Bar?

hand holding atm card

When looking to buy a free standing pull up bar, there are certain features you need to consider.

  • Is it stable? This is one of the most important features as you will likely be jumping up and grabbing onto the bar and attempting to move your body weight around. You can expect a little movement, but you most certainly don’t want to feel as though the bar is going to break.
  • What is the weight limit? If you are on the heavier side you will need to check that any potential piece of apparatus is able to hold your weight. Most bars will be able to hold 200 pounds comfortably, but you should always check the exact specifications.
  • Is it portable? The more lightweight options are portable, which makes it easier to assemble and move around. This makes them ideal for anyone lacking a little room.
  • How is the grip? Some varieties can come with multiple grips so that you can perform wide-grip and close-grip variations of your favorite upper body bodyweight exercises and workout.
  • Can I use additional attachments? There are also pieces of apparatus that have additional attachments for different types of workout training. One of the most popular is a dip station that is found on most towers. These parallel bars station will protrude from the tower, roughly in the center, which will allow you to complete a tricep dip workout that can work your triceps, chest, and the front of your shoulders.
  • How easy is the assembly? Generally, those that are harder to assemble are stronger and able to hold more weight. Those that are easier to assemble are lighter and may not be suitable for heavier users.
  • What size is the pull up bar? Is the bar itself wide enough to complete the suggested exercises? What about the height of the bar? Good thing is that most bars on this list are adjustable, so this won’t be much of an issue.

Getting the correct bar is highly important when performing pull-up exercises as quoted by professional calisthenics athletes.

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Can I Transport A Free Standing Pull-Up Bar Easily?

Yes, it is possible to transport a free-standing pull-up bar easily.

Certain brands are easier to assemble than others, taking just a few minutes to put together ready for use.

Many only weigh a few kilograms so it can be moved around easily, which is ideal for those of you with little room in your home.

Can I Leave A Free Standing Pull-Up Bar Outside?

I would not recommend leaving a free-standing pull-up bar outside.

While it is possible to transport and use one outside. If left out in the rain and other inclement weather, they can rust depending on the material it is made from. Plus any foam can crack and deform in the sunlight and heat.

If you are looking for a pull-up bar that can be placed outside permanently, then I would suggest looking at wall-mounted pull-up bars.

The Best Free-Standing Pull-Up Bar Is...?

If you are looking to build muscle in your upper body while working on your overall fitness as well, you should seriously consider adding a free standing pull up bar to your home gym.

Our number one choice is the KT Men’s Pull Up Bar. It is one of the best pull-up bars, being a portable piece of apparatus that is both foldable and adjustable. And it can hold up to 350 kgs of weight, so it can accommodate a range of users.

When in use, unlike poorer alternatives that wobble when in use, this bar is sturdy and has very little movement while you are using it.

It is highly recommended and comes with a 5-year warranty to assure you of its quality.

Our #1 Recommendation

KT Men's Pull Up Bar

KT thumb
Weight Capacity
485 lbs
Overall Score
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  • High strength alloy steel frame that holds 350 kgs
  • Portable and foldable design
  • Adjustable width and height
  • Reduction in wobble when in use
  • The paint on the bar may chip easily

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